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PCB EMC/EMI filters

Very compact EMI suppression components can directly be mounted on printed circuit boards of low-power office, medical, telecom and IT equipment, DC/DC converters and power supplies etc. Ideal low cost solution for manufacturers who have planned for EMC compliance throughout the equipment design process already.

IEC Inlet Filters / Power Entry Modules


DC Filters

DC filters from Schaffner are specifically optimized for applications with DC supply like e.g. photovoltaic inverters.

Single-phase EMC/EMI filters

Single-phase EMC/EMI filters for chassis or DIN-rail mounting are key for EMC compliance of higher power office equipment and low to medium power industrial applications. A broad selection of electrical and mechanical features allows a specific choice and deployment for countless applications.

Three-Phase Filters

EMC/EMI three-phase filter solutions for industrial applications like motor drives and machine tools. Furthermore, these types of EMC/EMI filters are also suitable for mainframe computer systems, large uninterruptible power supplies, medical equipment, wind turbine power stations and a vast array of other three-phase power electronics.

EMC/EMI Chokes

An extensive selection of discrete EMC/EMI chokes with various inductance and current ratings allows optimized circuitry for EMC compliance to be designed easily and economically.

Feedthrough Components

Feedthrough filters and capacitors offer an EMI suppression up into the GHz range for high-tech applications such as IT, telecom, server and networking equipment.

Output Filters and Reactors

Output filters and reactors for motor protection and the improvement of system reliability, availability and functionality. Deployed at the output side of frequency inverters, these components ensure reliable operation by avoiding expensive downtimes of installations, manufacturing plants, machinery and a vast array of other industrial and domestic motor drive applications due to premature motor damage. An appropriate output solution will even allow the deployment of unshielded motor cables, the use of multiple motors in parallel on the same drive or the retrofit of modern drives in existing installations with old motors and unshielded cabling.

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