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Thermal Overloads

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Reset_Push_Button_(For TF65_Thermal_Overload Relays)


TF42 Thermal Overload Relays (0.10 ... 38.0 A - For direct coupling to AF09 ... AF38 3-pole contactors)


Reset Push Button (For TF42 Thermal Overload Relays)

Single Mounting Kit (For TF42 Thermal Overload Relays)


Reset_Push_Button_(For TF65_Thermal_Overload Relays)


TF65 Thermal Overload Relays (22.0 ... 67.0 A - For direct coupling to AF40... AF65 3-pole contactors)


Reset Push Button (For TF65 Thermal Overload Relays)

TF96 Thermal Overload Relays (40.0 ... 96.0 A - For direct coupling to AF80, AF96 3-pole contactors)


Reset_Push_Button_(For TF65_Thermal_Overload Relays)


Reset_Push_Button_(For TF65_Thermal_Overload Relays)

Reset Push Button (For TF96 Thermal Overload Relays)

TF140DU Thermal Overload Relays (66 ... 142 A - For direct coupling to AF116 ... AF146 3-pole contactors)


Reset Push Button (For TF140DU Thermal Overload Relays)

Reset_Push_Button_(For TF65_Thermal_Overload Relays)


Details Accessories for TF140DU Thermal Overload Relays


T16 Thermal Overload Relays (B/C6...B/C7,AS/L09...AS/L16,VAS/L09...VAS/L16)


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